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Past President's Message
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From the President,

I would like to thank all the SWOBOA membership, and in particular the board and committee members, as well as the great seminar providers who gave their time and efforts to keep SWOBOA members up to date with the industry standards. SWOBOA has been able to meet the needs of its members for training for certification retention and expansion purposes and also with regard to professionalism, both individual and departmental.

As good as this past year may have been it is possible for SWOBOA to be a better provider of informative training for members, as well as an instigator of comradery among the members and departments. But for these things to happen, we would need a greater participation by all SWOBOA members in the affairs of the organization. I hope that all of you will become inspired this coming year to participate more fully in the activities and of the administration. 

Without greater participation, I feel that we will not be able to continue to keep up with the needs of the membership; but I, also hope that SWOBOA will continue to be the premier provider in professional services to code enforcement personnel in the state of Ohio. Let us try.


Rafic Nakouzi

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It is with pleasure and pride to announce the 2023 scholarship winners:

Sam Sweeney
Tyler Mullins
Makaylah Moll
Grace Kamphaus
Nicholas Wong

Best of luck to all

Bill McErlane