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It is that time of the year ...


This year the Board of Directors have decided to have all members go through OBOA for their renewals. SWOBOA has joined the rest of the OBOA chapters to fully take advantage of this web based platform called "ClubExpress". This is one stop shop for all members. You can renew your membership, you can see educational opportunities through State, you can see the latest from BBS and few more things, like this website ... it might make its way to clubexpress.

Despite all have happened so far this year, I am still grateful that I am able to communicate with you.

Please visit oboa.clubexpress.com to renew you membership. It might seem a bit challenging but if you have doubts follow these easy guidelines by going to this link:

Renewal Steps

And if you still have issues, contact Walter Moeller or myself an we will gladly guide you through.

Stay safe

Lorenz Adam

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