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As President of SWOBOA I am proud to report that our Chapter membership activity is outstanding and our financial situation is extremely strong.

This stability is a result of the fine work of the SWOBOA’s Officer’s and Board of Directors, along with our supportive of the Council of Past Presidents, membership, volunteers and private sector partners.  These individuals donate their time and efforts towards increasing our financial strength, while presenting us with a broad range of top notch educational seminars.  I would like to thank each and everyone one of them for their hard work.

Our goal is to make SWOBOA the best ICC Chapter in the State of Ohio and the Tri-State Area.

Many thanks to our golf committee, volunteers, vendors & sponsors. SWOBOA’s student scholarship fund raising efforts have been amazing. During the year SWOBOA’s outreach program team has meet with local colleges to engage, encourage and help support college students that look to enter into the construction industry.  SWOBOA will continue to meet with local colleges in 2016.This year SWOBOA will be awarding four scholarships.

SWOBOA, along with our OBOA partners were well represented at the annual ICC meeting in Long Beach, California and we will continue be to be well represented at the 2016 annual ICC Conference in Kansas City.

SWOBOA continues to improved communications with the Greater Cincinnati Home Builders Association.

Special thanks to all our Board of Directors that helped organize our meetings and for volunteering their time,

-Especially Bud Noe & Randy Campion who organized hall rental and catering.

-Mark Heckenmueller who scheduled lots of seminars.

-Rick Helsinger for his tireless efforts.

-City of Sharonville, City of Forest Park, Village of St. Bernard and Anderson Township for the use of their facilities.

And lastly you the membership for without you SWOBOA would not exist.

In closing 2015 has been a great year for SWOBOA and 2016 will be even better.  On behalf of all the Board of Directors “Thank You” for you continued support, it is greatly appreciated.

Gerry Stoker, President
Southwestern Ohio Building Officials Association
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