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Membership has its priviliges, at SWOBOA you have few options to chose from when it comes to membership.

Non-Seminar (option 1)

Active Membership:         $40.00Associate Membership:$50.00Retired/Student: No Fee

Other OBOA member:     $20.00

Seminar (option 2)

Active Membership:        $105.00Associate Membership:$115.00

Retired/OBOA: $105.00

Non-seminar (option 1) = You pay for the cost of seminar at the door, purchase order through your jurisdiction, or we could invoice your jurisdiction as well.

Seminar (option 2) = You pay one time for membership and all seminars offered.

Note = Please do register for the seminars as they are published. This way we would know in advance if the location is suitable to handle all the attendees. We want to make sure there is room for everyone. Most of our seminars are held at the  Forest Park Senior Center in Winton Rd., seating is more flexible at this location.

We might do some online instruction depending on the instructor's preference.