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Dear Friends and Members

2018 is half way over and we still have much to do. Instead of our annual picnic this year we decided to start the day with a great breakfast.  The attendance was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the great training with the food. The planning for the Experience 2019 SWOBOA / OBOA at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza is coming along.

SWOBOA has a committee already in place, so come join us. We can always use additional help preparing for this unique conference opportunity.

One of the focus points this year is the “First Preventers” terminology. ICC and many other Governments entities have adopted and are promoting this.  So who are these unsung heroes? They are the men and woman who live in your community who save lives and protect property through building safety code enforcement.
Following every major tragedy, First Preventers are tasked with the responsibility of preventing the next tragedy. Most Americans know who “First Responders” are and why their essential rescue functions deserve more support. The same cannot be said of their bookend group — “First Preventers” — those many unheralded and mostly unknown code officials who head off serious harm by checking and double-checking building safety compliance.
The First Preventers protect the First Responders and most importantly, they protect you! It is a cliché of modern health that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to prevent disease then to treat it. “An ounce of prevention,” as the old saying goes, “is worth a pound of cure.” The same is no less true when it comes to creating a safe physical environment to work and live within.

WE are the First Preventers.

Bob Ostertag
President 2018

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that time of the year that SWOBOA is looking for individuals to volunteer and become part of the Board of Directors. As well as looking for extraordinary people that you think might deserve the titles

- Fire Official of the Year

- Building Official of the Year

- Associate Member of the Year

- Nomination Board of Directors

Any questions do not hesitate and contact :

Past President
Bud Noe
10444 Howard Rd
Harrison, Ohio 45030
Ph.(513) 367-2487
Email: claude.noe@gmail.com

Members and their immediate family are able to apply for a determined number of scholarships that SWOBOA is offering this year.


Please go to the link above to open the application, any questions please contact :

Scholarship Chair
William McErlane
Email: mcerlak@gmail.com